High Resolution Images for Broadacre are Here

Today we’ve launched a new broadacre High Resolution Image service that provides 3 metre resolution satellite captures of your crops or pastures.  Suitable for all broadacre and livestock producers who just want to see more detail, or those which typically have cloudy and difficult to capture areas, you will receive up to 10 images throughout the season via the DataFarming platform. This data contains 9 times more detail than our free image offering.

By allowing you to see crops and pastures down to 3 metres, High Res. Images help you pinpoint issues that are difficult to spot at ground-level, like pest or disease outbreaks or nutrient striping from poor spreader applications.

Satellites are capturing right NOW so order ASAP to start getting access to the data (from 1 July onwards). You can order directly via the platform under your login – instructions are in this YouTube video.

I’ve included a few details below, but you can also click ‘Find out more’ or drop me a line if you have any questions.

Tim Neale

3m high resolution imagery | Datafarming

Use 3m High Res Images to:

  • Instantly target issues during critical periods at a resolution suited to broadacre cropping (wheat, barley, canola, pulses, cotton) and pasture.
  • Pinpoint on-ground issues before scouting and tissue sampling
  • Monitor and track crop vigour
  • Save time and costs knowing where to sample, and target fertiliser and water applications
  • See machinery impacts on crop production
  • See trial strips
  • See finer detail which helps explain the causes of variability
  • See smaller features such as drains, roads and field boundaries
  • Pick up fine-scale disease outbreaks (often before they can be detected in the field)
  • See nutrient striping from poor spreader applications

Cost is AU $1.50 + GST per hectare for 5-10 images throughout the season, with discounts for orders over 1000 ha (minimum order of AU$500 + GST).

    Read High Res product FAQs
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