DataFarming’s innovative software platform is backed by over 20 years of hands on experience solving agricultural problems in the real world.  
Through cloud-based systems, farm data, and satellite technology, DataFarming deliver simple data solutions to drive farm productivity across all production factors, gaining valuable insights into the agricultural industry.

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Supporting farmers, agronomists, and agronomy firms to improve farm productivity through the implementation of precision agriculture technology.

The DataFarming application allows you to access technology targeting the 5 key pillars of farm productivity - crop/pasture growth, yield, waterlogging, soil variation, and weather impacts.


We also offer you simple solutions to:

  • variable rate fertility
  • variable rate soil amelioration
    (lime and gypsum)
  • soil maps
  • drainage plans
  • targeted georeferenced soil and tissue testing
  • on-farm trials
  • Electromagnetic (EM) soil mapping
  • drone imaging, dam surveying, plus more.

Experience the benefits of our innovative software platform with FREE access to yield data processing and in-crop satellite imagery surveillance through the online DataFarming portal.

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Have you considered the revenue you can earn from selling your farm data?

DataFarming combines farm data under the direction of our National Farmer Advisory Board to build better products for the agricultural industry.

Farm data is valuable, and if your data is what we are looking for, why not get paid for something you are already collecting? DataFarming are currently on the lookout for good quality yield data on farm strip trials and crop planted area data.

Contact us to find out how your farm data can earn you additional income.


The National Farmer Advisory Board provides strategic advice and governs the use of farm data for industry driven benefits.

The analysis of farm data is an important source of key agricultural industry insights. For example, DataFarming can provide insights into what varieties are growing the best in each region, the Precision Ag technologies that are recommended specific to your location, the optimum Phosphorus rate for your clients, and more.

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Growing insights into the agricultural industry to deliver innovative solutions for agri-business.

The DataFarming team work collaboratively with leaders in research, commercial business, and technology development to build agricultural intelligence solutions, using machine learning to develop insights never before seen in crop production.

Our data intelligence processes can be employed across many applications such as soil testing and zonal responses, and historical paddock performance data to create algorithms that predict early and mid-season paddock yields



DataFarming and industry

The DataFarming team are currently working on a number of projects to produce improved outcomes for the agricultural industry.

  • Working with leading researchers to determine the area planted and locations of certain crop types, down to a paddock level. This is incredibly important for disease predictions, estimates of likely tonnages of grain harvested by crop type, GMO compliance, and even factors such as the location of sensitive crops for spray drift.
  • Helping growers, agronomists, and input providers to match supply pesticides with demand by alerting of pest and disease incidence in certain crops.
  • Using remote sensing, which works hand in hand with field assessment teams, to research better methods for crop loss assessment, particularly with regards to frost and hail.
  • Compiling intelligent data for the livestock sector to derive Insights for potential investors for feasibility studies and due diligence.
  • Providing simple in field trial layouts and analysis so that farmers and agronomists can learn what is working in their paddocks and their regio.

Delivering fair insurance for farmers

We are working with Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MCPI) providers to deliver assessments for farmers to keep premiums low and fair. We do this by assessing historical performance and risk profiling, and then coupling with in-season yield prediction to provide independent forecasts if the crop is affected by poor growing conditions or other factors.

Contact us to find out how our data can benefit your company or industry organisation.  

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The DataFarming Approach

We leverage key agronomic software you are already using so you don’t have to learn to use yet another piece of complicated and ‘clunky’ software.

Not currently utilising any software? Sign up to our FREE entry level interface and access yield data processing and in-crop satellite imagery surveillance at no cost.





Pioneers in Precision Ag

Led by Tim and Peta Neale with the backing of Premise Agriculture, we have been leaders in the Precision Ag space for 20 years – and have pioneered most of what you see happening in this space.



The DataFarming team of software developers, field technicians, and consultants are closely aligned to agronomists and the service industry alike. For years we have been striving to help farmers, agronomists, and industry to get value from spatial data, but mostly manually processed on difficult to use software platforms. This is what DataFarming is all about – get the same value but in an accessible, easy to use, integrated, and low-cost way.





Whether you are a a broadacre or horticultural agronomist wanting to improve your crop yield or an agribusiness professional looking for industry insights,
we can work with you to tailor a service to suit your needs.

DataFarming are currently working on a number of commercial, government, and industry funded projects, building custom solutions to a wide range of agricultural problems.

Contact the DataFarming team to find out how our agriculture data solutions can work for you.

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