About Data Farming


DataFarming is an Australian precision agriculture company based in Toowoomba, Queensland who deliver leading digital solutions for customers around the world. The company aim is to unlock the potential of precision agriculture products and farm data by putting easy to use solutions into the hands of every agronomist and producer.

Established in 2017, DataFarming is owned and operated by leading Australian precision agriculture specialists, Tim and Peta Neale, who have been consultants for 20 years. Led by Tim and Peta, the team includes talented developers, technologists and consultants, who all drive the company mission to deliver precision agriculture products that are simple, automated, affordable and provide actionable on-ground solutions.

Our Solutions

DataFarming launched its cloud-based platform the Digital Agronomist™ in October 2017 and has since added multiple tools for its customers to utilise inside the platform.

The first tool to be released was a crop monitoring tool that provides free global access to 10m satellite maps with NDVI. Fast forward two years to October 2019 and users had mapped over 7.7 million hectares across 14,000 farms worldwide, including in Australia, the UK, Africa, the Middle East, United States and Canada.

The Digital Agronomist™ now features several pay-per-use premium tools, including high resolution satellite imagery, rapid auto-zoning of paddocks and variable rate application files, and a stacked view of paddock performance over multiple years.

Alongside the Digital Agronomist™, which is designed for farmers and agronomists, DataFarming also has an enterprise-grade platform for larger companies and industry partners called Agri-Intelligence™.


DataFarming has a highly collaborative approach as part of its mission to deliver tangible benefits to the Australian agricultural sector and beyond. The team is proud to work with agribusinesses, universities and R&D organisations, government agencies, agronomy service providers and individual producers across Australia and the world.