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Research Report: Multispectral Imagery
Some think of farm imagery as a nice shot of a beautiful sunset or sunrise. But if looking with a different set of eyes, the right type of imagery can reveal disease, stress or opportunity in crops and pastures… read more

Toowoomba-based founder of DataFarming Tim Neale wins 2019 QLD Pearcey Entrepreneur Award
The Pearcey Foundation today announced Tim Nealeas this year’s QLD Pearcey Entrepreneur Award winner. The co-founder and managing director of agtech company DataFarming was presented with the award by the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, QLD Minister for Housing and Public Works; Minister for Digital Technology and the Minister for Sport and Wayne Fitzsimmons, Chairman of the Pearcey Foundation… read more

Hyper-accurate satellite systems for agriculture
Agribusiness is tapping into hyper-accurate satellite positioning systems to develop new services and improve farm productivity… read more

DataFarming: On a mission to remove barriers to precision agriculture
Taking precision agriculture from ’boutique to mainstream’ is what drives Tim Neale, the Managing Director of DataFarming.  With his wife Peta, Tim has been working in precision agriculture for over 15 years, and started the Toowoomba-based DataFarming in 2017. Successfully making the technology low cost, simple and easy to access for agronomists and farmers has been key to some astounding success… read more

Successful Training Day for the Grains Extension Team
Learning from the best: Combining knowledge of hands on farming, extension practices, precision technology and bringing it out in the field, where it actually happens…read more

Regional Agtech Pioneers Announced
The inaugural cohort of ten agtech innovators selected for the AgFrontier Regional AgTech Incubator Program, led by the Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC), was announced today… read more

Latest technologies add a new dimension to farm management
Every few days, satellites are generating a new colour-coded picture of Australia with Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images, and growers are increasingly accessing these to improve their understanding of what is happening in paddocks…. read more

Ruralco invest in agtech company DataFarming
Continuing the trend of agribusiness investment in agtech, farm input supplier Ruralco has announced its investment in newcomer DataFarming… read more

DataFarming takes on the challenge of technology uptake: 400M forum
ON-FARM adoption rates of the latest ag technology will only increase if that technology is easy to access, simple to use and is a value proposition for the operator, according to DataFarming managing director, Tim Neale… read more

Mixed farmers lead charge as DataFarming mapping passes 3Mha
DataFarming is inviting growers, graziers, agronomists, and anyone else who is interested to step into the world of precision agriculture by accessing for free its satellite-mapping platform… read more

Powering streamlined solutions in agriculture.
Industry veterans Peta and Tim Neale launch DataFarming.

Data Farming is a launch integration partner with Back Paddock for the Opterra platform for digital agriculture and is set to drive the basis of enabling spatial imagery across mainstream broadacre in Australia… read more

Gundy Students Explore Precision Farming
High school students from Goondiwindi’s St Mary’s Parish School and Border Rivers Christian College (BRCC) had the chance to learn about some of the cool technologies being used in agriculture during the Discover Farming’s spatial world workshop… read more

Satellite imagery helps Tasmanian farm productivity
DataFarming owner Tim Neale spoke at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture field day at Forthside Vegetable Research Centre on Tuesday, explaining how he uses spatial agricultural data to help farmers become more productive… read more

On-farm technology: understand data to harvest the benefits
Tim Neale from Data Farming told participants at this week’s open day at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture vegetable-research facility there was a significant gap between technology that is available and what is actually being used… read more