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DataFarming is an Australian agtech company. Its leading service is the DataFarming platform – an online precision agriculture tool that allows you to access free 10m satellite imagery, draw paddock/field maps, view in NDVI and download PDF files.

No software download, no pre-payment, no ongoing subscription fees. Only pay for the premium products you need, with straightforward pricing and ordering.

Take a look for yourself and grow smarter – get DataFarming at:

No. DataFarming is a cloud-based platform, which means you can log in and access your account from any device, anywhere you need.

The DataFarming platform is completely cloud-based. This means no downloading software or updates to apps. Just return or bookmark to log in and access your account.

The most important feature that sets DataFarming apart is its foundation in decades of combined experience in precision agriculture. With your DataFarming access you’re tapping into professional services and an ongoing commitment to help you grow smarter by making the most of precision agriculture technologies.

Our services go beyond the platform, take a look at more of what DataFarming can do for you.

We want to make accessing and benefiting from precision ag technology as easy as possible for farmers. Delivering our DataFarming mapping platform with free entry-level access is one way we’re breaking down barriers to adoption – no subscriptions, now new software, no ongoing fees or sales phone calls.

You’ll see we work on a wide range of projects and services as part of our business model – our platform is just one of them!

We aim to respond as soon as possible to any enquiry or issue alert. We are a small team that works in Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10hours) and aim to (and usually do!) respond in less than 24 hours to our DataFarming users across the globe.


If you’re outside of Australia and searching for your farm, just manually move the map over to your region and zoom to your areas. Once you have drawn a paddock, it will zoom to the farm each time.

You can also use the location selection tool to automatically pinpoint your current location if you have location services active on your device.

We’re working to make the address search function available worldwide, currently only Australian addresses are available when using the search function.

• Step by step instruction points will appear on screen when you create your first farm.
• Work your way through these points by clicking the next and back buttons.
• Once you have clicked through the points, finish by selecting ‘Let me start!’

• Double click to complete the polygon.
• You can still edit the polygon to refine the paddock geometry.
• Once you are happy with your paddock hit confirm button
• To discard the paddock creation hit discard button

• Click anywhere inside the paddock so that it is highlighted (the boundary will change from blue to red).
• The control banner will pop up at the bottom ready to use for the paddock that is selected.

• Open your farm and click on the paddock you want to edit (the boundary will change from blue to red).
• Click on the edit button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Select the revised crop from the dropdown menu and save your changes.
• You can also change the name of your paddock at this point.

  • You need kml and shp files and make sure the files are zipped.

Yes you can log in from multiple devices at once, however to ensure integrity in your mapping and avoid conflicts with multiple users, this is not recommended.

With free access to DataFarming’s platform, it’s easy to start an account of your own. It’s also easy to share your farm maps with other users – see more about how to share your farm in the FAQ below.

• From your Farms List, choose the farm you want to share.
• Click on ‘Share Farm’ and enter the email address of who you want to share with in the pop-up window form. (Please note: They will need to also be registered as a DataFarming user.)
• Once successfully shared, this pop-up window also lists anyone you have already shared this farm with. An ‘un-share’ button appears beside their email address allowing you to remove access anytime you want in the future.

• From your Farms List, choose the farm you want to un-share.
• Click on ‘Share Farm’.
• From the pop-up window you will see everyone you have already shared this farm with. Click the ‘un-share’ button that appears beside the email address to remove their access instantly.

Full use of the DataFarming mapping platform and its features requires an internet connection.

Download a PDF or take a screen shot of your maps to your device for easy access outside of internet range.

Higher resolution maps will soon be available directly from your DataFarming online account. To access high resolution imagery now, contact to discuss your requirements and process your order.

NDVI maps are a great way to readily understand the condition of your crop or pasture. Take a look at our snapshot of how to understand your NDVI maps.

This is difficult to define as a general number and needs a closer look.
The cloud cover reading on the DataFarming platform relates to the cloud cover over a capture area. Even if it says 70%, sometimes it is worth checking because the 30% cloud-free might be over your paddock.
We recommend you always look at the satellite image with cloud preview to ensure accuracy in cloud detection, and find your best method of assessment.

DataFarming is designed for all shapes and sizes of farms and business uses, from small farms to agronomists servicing numerous clients. That’s why we have enabled your DataFarming access to create as many paddock maps for your farm as you need.

DataFarming’s platform has satellite imagery back to January 2017.

DataFarming has an extensive spatial data archive and can help provide you with earlier imagery outside of the platform, contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

DataFarming stores your data indefinitely. Read more about your data storage in our Terms of Use.

Submit your request to delete your account by email to We will delete your account and access and confirm this has been completed by return email.

If you have received an error message during the processing of your transaction, DataFarming will also be alerted to any issues. We will contact you to confirm that we are aware of the issue. you know that we have resolved the issue, and your download will be available in your account. Contact us at

DataFarming can provide additional services outside of the platform to help you use your NDVI maps to grow smarter across all of your paddocks. Contact DataFarming at to find out how we can assist you.

The ability to load NDVI imagery across multiple paddocks at the same time is not available in the current version of DataFarming. This functionality will be available in future updates.

The NDVI Region View (NDVI-R) is a useful tool that may deliver what you’re looking for to help with making management decision – for example comparing all of you crops to make N decisions at the same time.

When a new update has been released you may need to refresh your browser to ensure you are using the latest version.