Identify Tree Crop Health Issues From Space

Free Crop Health Mapping For Tree Crops

Including macadamia, mango, avocado, almond, and pecan trees.

DataFarming uses satellite data-capturing technology to identify crop health issues early.

Our new mapping platform offers a host of extra free features, including better dashboards, field boundary editing, collaboration with others, mobile and tablet optimisation, and 6x faster image load speed.

Free, medium-res satellite imagery is available for growers every 5 days.
Get your imagery today—it’s free!

Higher resolution = more insight into your crop

Whilst our standard resolution imagery will remain free, forever, growers can benefit greatly from our higher resolution satellite imagery to make better data-driven decisions.

Example of DataFarming’s high-resolution avocado tree crop satellite imagery.

Benefit from high-res satellite imagery this season

Manage and monitor:

  • Assess and track individual and row tree health
  • Manage and assess disease outbreaks
  • Determine the impact of soil type differences
  • Check for irrigation uniformity 
  • Variable rate applications of nutrients and soil amelioration
Ordering Your Images

DataFarming’s high-res satellite imagery is captured multiple times across the season and can be viewed in conjunction with the 10m and previous year’s imagery already freely available on the platform. All DataFarming’s high-res images come with NDVI and PCD/NDRE imagery, depending on the purchased product.

To order your imagery, visit and click on the ‘plus’ symbol in the top right after logging in.

If you need help getting set up or ordering your imagery, contact us at and we’ll guide you through the process.

Not an existing DataFarming user?

The ‘Store‘ page has additional tutorials and information on account setup.

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About DataFarming

DataFarming provides an easy-to-use, low-cost crop monitoring tool that delivers global access to satellite imagery and digital data, enabling farmers and agronomists to make better decisions throughout the cropping cycle at the right time.

We proudly work with agribusinesses, universities, R&D organisations, government agencies, and agronomists globally to develop technology and provide insights to help manage business and industry issues.

Get the insight you need to make data-driven decisions this season!

Early identification of crop health issues is critical, so don’t miss out! Book your field satellite imagery at a great price today.