The Digital Agronomist™


We’re working to put farmers and agronomists in control with cost effective, simple solutions with Digital Agronomist™.

Take advantage of the agtech revolution

The business of agriculture in just the past decade has changed dramatically. The amount in information and ‘agtech’ that we have access to has grown at a phenomenal rate.

Cutting through the hype, we’ve defined five pillars of productivity focused on the latest information and real-world demand for solutions. Our platform is one way we’re delivering on these pillars of productivity:

• Satellite imagery
• Yield mapping
• Drainage & Toppo
• Soil Testing
• Weather Data


Free access to 10m resolution satellite and NDVI imagery for crop or pasture monitoring.

Pin point on-ground issues, dry matter and crop or pasture quality.

Save time and costs knowing where to sample and deliver target solutions, such as fertiliser or water needs.

Take control of your farm mapping with global satellite imagery updated every five days and access back to January 2017.