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@data_farming @hankoblok Yes, I noticed the button, very handy in the netherlands, because most of the images have to much clouds, to get a decent overview of the fields. But you can see in a blink of an eye which ones are useable.

@hankoblok @degraaf105 @data_farming Helemaal mee eens, ik gebruik deze website ook al jaren tot volle tevredenheid. Handig dat je de hoeveelheid bewolking kunt zien, dit heeft veel invloed op de kwaliteit van de beelden. Daarnaast kun je 2 jaar terugkijken

Hits to our image servers are now cracking 2000 per day! We are working hard to bring more and more value to our users every day - plenty of products in the pipeline including 'cloud-free' imagery.

There has been good rain across most areas of cropping areas across Australia. Bit challenging to get cloud-free data because of this. Please make sure you use the 'cloud' button on the platform, which shows a true colour image from that day. Don't use cloudy imagery for #NDVI

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