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@gkwadd78 @TimNeale1 @BrianDunn1287 @data_farming Predicting the day #rice is ready to harvest was secondary but is now primary in my line of work.
#NDVI Saves me taking my machine out to do 50 tonne of samples over a week!

“neighbours going ..... so mine must be ready!” 😉

@gkwadd78 @TimNeale1 @BrianDunn1287 @data_farming Time ..... is the ultimate truth determinant here.

For interest sake..... Note the average NDVI for the 28th & the actual moisture test result from the 31st.
SWAG ....... 3 to 4 days ..... some should be ready to go. Remember ...... this my SWAG!

Question for @TimNeale1 & @BrianDunn1287
Using @data_farming NDVI to predict #rice harvest starting moisture worked pretty well last year ....... but can it predict same, every year, in the same variety every year, even though every years weather & growth rates are different?

Survey of a 1000ha dam complete! Very cool output of underwater elevation. Completed using a hydrographic survey and contour generation from historical satellite imagery. Due to the nature of the landscape we were unable to use traditional survey methods. @data_farming

Setting up to do some EM mapping today. This one's a bit different. Mapping soils for tree plantings. Depth of sandy A horizon over clay base is what we looking for. Beautiful day to be outside away from the ratrace.

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