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An update on our high resolution imagery. We now have a 'cloud' button which shows a true colour image to check for cloud. Sadly lots of vineyards are fire affected. We've processed over 700 paddocks this season, in some cases 3 captures. $10/ha for 3-5 captures. $2/ha for 1.

Thanks @TimNeale1 this layer and the data that underpins it, will allow us to join multiple data sets and leverage many options for deeper insights. Looking forward to seeing how far we can push. #data #dashboard #pairtree #datafarming #decisionatyourfingertips #agtech #ausag40

Doing some interesting work for @appticon looking at long term productivity zones in large pasture enterprises. We STACK 5 years of NDVI together to get 5 zones - and the results are very cool (we think anyway!). Looking forward to seeing how this relates to other data Hamish.

🚀Fantastic to see #AgFrontier cohort member @swarmfarm profiled in the #finreview @AndrewBendee + @JocieBate are inspirational in their approach to revolutionising #agtech in the #regions 👏👏

How a farm in remote Queensland became a high tech AI hub

In the Lockyer Valley on Wed Feb 5? Join @TimNeale1 at the Getting Started with Precision Veg Workshop in Gatton.

@SPAA_Inc @Hort_Au #DAFQLD #precisionveg

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