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Another exciting development - #Farm2Lab by @apallabs is able to accept our STACK shapefiles - very handy if you want to determine soil test points. STACK combines up to 5 years of NDVI to create #longtermproductivityzones . We will be building greater integration in the future

25% of Australian farms use data based insights and actions to make farming precise and more productive - Mr. Tim Neale, MD, Data Farming Australia @TimNeale1 @data_farming

#CII #DigitalAgriculture #AgTech #Robotics #Innovation #SmartFarming #PrecisionAgriculture

Another day, another set of flowering biomass cuts at #UQ82 P response sites. Very interesting drone imagery coming soon from @DJIGlobal and @data_farming. Collaboration with @UQ_News and @DAFQld, supported by @GRDCNorth.

@OhldeS @data_farming @KarlSucko N-Rich strip is a living, real-time reference point. Optimum profit N is somewhere in between N non-limiting and N-limited potential. Finding this optimum is what our fuel gauge calculation does and it needs the N-rich reference to work back from.

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